Aston Cantlow Playground Use


Under the newly communicated guidelines the government has stipulated that from last Monday 14th September that no more than 6 people should meet indoors our outdoors – and that number includes children – and MUST adhere to social distancing of 1-2 metres.

We are particularly concerned about different families congregating at a single picnic table. Remember that you can be fined by the police for exceeding 6 persons, including children, meeting or mingling, even outdoors.

If we are to keep the playground open it is really important that all users adhere to those guidelines as it would take very little for us to have to close it again – which we don’t want to do.

We know that many people in the village find it a really valuable place to take their little ones and to meet others.  So, please let’s all remember the guidelines and make sure that the playground remains open for use.

Please continue to use the sanitizing products around the playground – particularly on entry and exit.

Thank you all so much

Village Hall Trustees