Rural Crime Co-ordinator

Rural Crime

Stratford-on-Avon District Council has a Rural Crime Co-ordinator to help address concerns raised by residents within the Stratford District about crime in their rural communities.

Although overall crime levels have reduced, the Council is taking a proactive approach towards crime and its effects on those living in rural communities. The aim is to increase crime prevention awareness across the District, engage with rural communities and provide bespoke advice to victims of crime.

Funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner, who has made rural crime a priority, the post holder will be working closely with Partnership Agencies in particular with the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and Watch Schemes, to ensure the best possible level of service is provided to its residents.

  • You can contact the Rural Crime Co-ordinator if you are a victim of crime, or are concerned you may be at risk and would benefit from Crime Prevention Advice
  • If you would like to arrange a Crime Prevention Talk in your village
  • If you would be interested in arranging a village crime prevention ‘marking’ day, where property such as bicycles, lawn mowers, power tools can be securely marked.

All events are free and where possible we will work with Partnership Agencies, such as the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and Neighbourhood Watch.

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