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  1. David Boult says:

    A few weeks ago I was very interested to see on your genealogy page a link to the Edkins family tree, which featured my relatives. A few weeks later this link does not work and I am very disappointed that I can no longer see this family tree. Can you tell me where I can find this please? Thank you.

  2. David Boult says:

    Further to my message of yesterday, I have discovered that the service hosting the page, linked on your genealogy page, has been closed by it’s owner, Vodafone, since 29/5/2020. So my new question is now; the page missing featured the Edkins family tree, which I have only just found out had one my relatives on it. So may I please ask if anybody had saved a copy of this page. It was quite a long document, going from Shakespeare’s mother and sister, down to my great grandmother. Thanking you, David.

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