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  1. Phil Summerfield says:

    David, Malcolm,

    WOW, you’ve done a fantastic job, it looks really smart, easy to use – Excellent


  2. For Information only :
    Please note the telephone nos published on the Facilities & Services Page for The Kings Head is incorrect and should be amended to 01789 488242, thank you for your co-operation
    Best Regards
    Peter & Louise Sadler

  3. David Hannaford says:

    This has now been amended as requested

  4. Catherine Scott says:

    I am interested in obtaining a copy of the History of the Parish that was published by the Aston Cantlow & District Local History Society in 2000. My great-great grandfather, named John Mucklow (1821 to 1904) was the gameskeeper to the lord of the manor at Packwood House. He is buried in the church yard. I am working on my family history and would very much like to have a copy of this History of the Parish if it is still in print. I live in Ontario Canada.

    Thank you in advance,


    • David Hannaford says:

      This item is out of print but we may be able to get you a photocopy. I’ll contact you privately about this.
      Aston Canylow Commnity website Webmaster

      • Hi. Have just read your notes, my husband is Victor Mucklow
        John Mucklow was his Gt uncle. I would love to have a copy if possible please. Or is it in the library..???
        I have John as gamekeeper of coughton Court not Packwood House
        Maybe he worked at both
        From Valerie Mucklow

    • valerie mucklow says:

      Hi Just read your comments, my husband is related to the John Mucklow, I have traced most of Johns descendants, we live near to Aston Cantlow. He was game keeper at Coughton Court not Packwood, I have never heard that he was at Packwood which is not far away. . he has a headstone in Aston Cantlow parish churchyard.
      Put Coughton Court into Google and you will find it interesting. its the home of the Throckmorton Family My husbands Gt grandfathers Benjamin was the brother to John

      Look forward to your reply

      from Valerie Mucklow

  5. GEOFF CLACK says:

    hi dave
    i would also like a copy


  6. Steve Mattos says:

    Can you help please?

    Our family (7 adults [mum & dad + 3 sons/2 wives] + 3 grandchildren) is booked into the Island Meadow Caravan Park from sunday 26th May for a week to celebrate my wife’s “big” birthday together! (Our 2 married sons live in Gloucester + Nottingham so sort of mid-point!).

    I note there is a bus service from the village to Stratford, two questions –

    1) Does this bus accept bus passes?

    2) Do you suggest this as a better way to get to and from Stratford rather than taking car/s to P&R?


    Steve Mattos

    • David Hannaford says:

      Yes, the local buses and the buses at the Park and Ride take free bus passes.
      The parking at the Park & Ride is free so is a good alternative to taking a car into Stratford.

  7. Dean Stacey says:

    Hi there

    Just wanted to let you know the update on The Dun Cow, Pathlow. It has now been newly refurbished in the style of an old fashioned traditional pub with good homecooked pub food at sensible prices. Now renamed The Armouries Arms and is ope daily from 11am to 11pm except Fri and Sat when we’re open until midnight. Traditional Sunday Carvery at 6.95 per head and curry and steak night on Fri and Sat respectively. Also there is a pub quiz every Monday and there will soon be a piano night on Tuesday nights (We have our very own working Pianola!)

    Many thanks for your assistance with this.

    Dean Stacey, Landlord

  8. Mrs S says:

    I am visiting the area shortly and wished to express how useful your parish website has been to myself. I have found it to contain all the useful information I will need for when I visit. Thank you so much.
    sincerely Mrs S

  9. Tony Whitworth says:

    According to the 1911 my Great Grandfather was born in Aston Cantlow in 1868 his name was Arthur James. Apparently his family were bell ringers at the church for several generations who were all buried under the tree in the churchyard without headstones. Does anyone know of this person or his family. My father did say that his mother Frances James attended the small school house next to the church early in the 1900’s. I remember visiting it in the early 70’s with him shortly after it had closed. I believe it is now a house?

  10. Wimlot Guillaume says:

    Hi, I would like to know if the name “Wimlot” still exist in Aston Cantlow area. If you know something about this name tell me. tkanks

    • David Hannaford says:

      I am not aware of anyone with that name in the village, but the name is similar to the name of the adjacent village of Wilmcote, so perhaps yours in a modification of the name of someone who previously lived there and got their name form that.
      David – Webmaster

  11. Wimlot Guillaume says:

    Ok, thanks for answer . I know that a woman called “Martha Wimlot” has been baptized in Aston Cantlow in July 1803. Thank you

  12. Chris Berry says:

    Please note that the telephone number for the Arden Craft Centre has now changed to 01789 488371, e mail address is

    New proprietors are Chris and Helen Berry


    Chris Berry

  13. Louise says:

    I am trying to trace David Alan. He lived in the village during the 80’s, and so didi his father. I believe that he moved to Saudi Arabia, then USA. Does anyone have any information which could help me get some very important news to him?

  14. Carol says:

    The website url for warwick therapy centre is incorrect – should be .com not .org

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