Covid-19 Additional Conditions of Hire

Covid-19 Additional Conditions of Hire

These additional conditions of hire have now been suspended as at July 20th 2021.

Note: Under the current circumstances you MUST confirm by email to the bookings administrator that you have read and agreed to these additional Covid-19 conditions of hire before your booking request will be confirmed.

1 – Limitations of facilities available at the Aston Cantlow Village Hall

  • The kitchen is locked and must not be accessed or used
  • The Guild Room has only plastic chairs and is limited to a maximum of 8 users. The bar cannot be used
  • The Main Hall cannot be used to hold parties, and is limited to a maximum of 25 users
  • The back stage areas and changing rooms are not to be used, except for the History Society archive room which can only be used by one nominated person at a time
  • Toilets will be available for use by only one person at a time in each toilet room
  • No singing or playing of woodwind or brass musical instruments is allowed
  • Bookings will only be accepted on the same day as another booking if the caretaker is able to carry out covid-19 sanitising in the intervening period. In the short term it is likely that only one booking will be taken per day , so be aware that just because the Hallmaster system says that a booking request can be made, it may not be accepted. So remember that you don’t have a firm booking until it has been confirmed by one of the bookings administrators.

2 – Additional responsibilities of hirers

  • Organisers of all activities or events in the hall are required to take names and contact telephone numbers of all persons attending, in case they are needed for contact tracing, and to hold them for a minimum of 21 days after the booking
  • Organisers are responsible for arranging and maintaining compliance to Government social distancing guidance during the booking. The Village Hall Trustees can take no responsibility for breaches of Covid-19 government regulations or for the consequences of such breaches. Parties or events with alcohol are not currently permitted in the village hall.
  • Hall users are to use designated entrances and exits, and to comply with any one way or other safety signage. Organisers should try to arrange that attendees do not all turn up at the same time, so that groups of persons congregating tat the entrance can be avoided. Where users need to queue to go in they should keep 2 meters apart.
  • All users are to sanitize hands on entry to the hall and before touching any doors or surfaces – sanitizer stations will be provided at the main door and inside
  • Organisers are responsible for ensuring that the number of concurrent users does not exceed the maximum numbers of persons in the rooms used i.e. the Main Hall 25 persons and the Guild Room 8 persons
  • No food or drinks are to be made on the premises. Users can bring their own flasks and bottles of water for drinks if required. These must not be shared,
  • If additional chairs or tables are required from the main store room they should be obtained by one person only, and sanitised before use.
  • Any sports or fitness equipment required is to be brought in, not shared between users, and taken away after. Users or organisers are responsible for sanitising any such equipment used before it is brought into the premises

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